Medical Guide to Senior Health

Senior citizens today are faced with a wide variety of challenges in their everyday life. Because of better health care today than a generation or two ago, seniors are living longer than ever. However, the longer life is not without concerns with their health.

Today’s senior needs to be more physically active, be concerned with dietary considerations for better health and be aware of other issues such as memory loss, bone deterioration and being alert for cancer and other diseases. However, with proper care, seniors can enjoy a very good quality of life, better than in years past.

To help seniors to better health, we have gathered a collection of helpful resources:

Exercise and Fitness

Bones and Joints

  • Osteoporosis – bone and joint concerns are discussed in this resource.
  • Osteoporosis: Diet and Nutrition – the concerns seniors face with proper diet and nutrition in fighting bone weakness.
  • Bone Health – informative article outlining steps being taken to promote bone health.
  • Bones and Joint Health – helpful and informative link discussing bone and joint health for senior citizens.
  • Arthritis – useful information on the disease which affects many senior citizens.


  • Cancer Concerns – informative link about cancer concerns among senior citizens.
  • Cancer – National Cancer Institute resource covering a wide range of cancer related topics.
  • Cancer Topics – helpful resource talking about a wide range of cancer subjects.
  • Cancer Prevention – information on how people can prevent cancer and early detection tips.
  • Cancer Control – government program aimed at early detection and prevention.

Heart Condition

  • FAQ – heart disease FAQ covering many commonly asked questions about heart disease.
  • Heart Disease Stats – statistics on the number of people that suffer from heart disease.
  • Heart Disease Resources – informative government resource covering heart disease issues.

Mental and Memory Health


Other Senior Citizen Health Issues

  • Senior Health – useful collection of resources affecting senior citizens.
  • Senior Citizen Resources – informative site covering a wide range of topics facing senior citizens.
  • Guide to Healthy Living – information on healthy living for senior citizens.
  • Healthy Aging – resourceful site listing several valuable topics for senior citizens to lead a healthy life.